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I can’t get Poker Calculator Pro to work with my poker site, what should I do?
What poker sites does Poker Calculator Pro support?
I noticed Poker Calculator Pro does not provide voice recommendations on Poker Stars. What gives?
Is Poker Calculator Pro legal to use?
Poker Pro attaches to my Full Tilt table but does not display any data. Why?
What do I need to install and run Poker Calculator Pro?
What if I disagree with the Poker Calculator Pro's suggested course of action?
Why can’t I log in using the license ID and password I was issued?
Do you have a mac version of your software?
Are there special instructions for Windwos Vista and Windows 7 users?

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Здравствуйте.! Решил попробовать вашу программу, включил, всё работает, но я знаю что программа должна была выдавать подсказки, например - колл \ бет \ рейз - вот этого у меня нету, почему? Может быть надо включать это где то? Подскажите пожалуйста.!
In my HUD the "player type" is always with a padlock. Do I need to configure something ? tks
How can I change 9 player table profile (sb,bb,utg, early position, middle position, late position, button) to match 6 player table?
калькулятор работает некоректно. не работает шкала силы руки.. advice -не работает
Руководство пользователя на русском языке.
Good day! What is meant by 10 call / raise 90? Do you instructions for setting up the parameter name Poker calculator pro rather than HUD
cant seem to make work with bodog? any idea s?
designation of figures in the Poker Calculator Pro, under the nickname of players through the character " / "which are
Do you have a mac version of your software?
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