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Why my profit in Poker Pro Labs is 10K and in sharkscope is 5K? my nick is mellodiez. Coul u explain me? Regards
What poker sites do you support?
Hello I bought license 1 year last June (Invoice #162605). I changed my computer and installed Tournament Shark, but it doesn't work right. I input my login and password - Tournament Shark ran, but i don't see Manager Hud for setting. I have only 3 options ( : File -> Close programm, Settings -> HUD configurator, Information. But I don't see other options in Settings: HUD manager for example ( - so was in previous computer)
There are no players’ stats displayed underneath the table in the grid. What’s wrong?
What do the stars under Player Rating mean?
Does Tournament Shark work on multiple tables at once?
What sites and tournaments do you currently support?
This error: "Acessing the Poker Pro Lab services requires valid date and time settings. Please check your time zone and set your clock to synchronize with an Internt time server".
How do I activate the Tournament Shark HUD?
How do I customize the HUD?

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How often the statistics are updated?
Can i change the position of the window with the statistics which appears under the table?
is there a mac version?
I closed the attached window that appears under the table with all the stats and now when I open a new table the window no longer appears, how do I get it back?
HI. When I play on Pokerstars I am not able you use tournament shark. It come up that I should use it as Administrator. I always do that. Do you know the problem?
Hi there having some problems after todays update. Saying the following: C:\Program Files\Poker Pro Labs\Tournament Shark\dbghelp.dll is either not designed for windows or it contains an error. Error status 0x000035a. I am running windows 10, cant get the software to run now. Tried to uninstall and revert back to my first download but doesn't seem to have helped. Thanks in advance. Daniel
in romania we were moved on software... what can we do for TS to work with that?
Hello please, about use the torunament shark and the holdem manager? Can i use both same time? Many tanks! Cassiano.
the hud works but not properly like when I first started using it before the hud appeared over the player now it has to be manually placed which is time consuming and distracting and makes zoom tournys pointless please help
hello i am not receiving the registered confirmation email. please can u send it so i can start my account
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