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why I cannot see my graps?
можно ли скрыть результаты турниров????
Здравствуйте!!! Что нужно сделать, чтобы мне были доступны графики своей игры, и бесплатна ли эта услуга?!
Player statistics in tourneys was from 1000 last games. It is only 100 games now. Is it possible to change it back or make this period adjustable?
Hi! Can u send me instructions how to change/hide/remove some staff from my profile,like last 10 tournaments and the largest cashes tournaments? thank you!
spam. There is an user posting naked pictures in my profiles how do i edit that? and can u tell me what user did that? I play by g3r4rd0x in pokerstars
I would like to turn my graphic on for public view
Hi Dan, My profile is 'johnsteed65' (this is concerning my last question). It was about how the top 5 finishes/last 20 games played tabs were minimized, but I want them back to look at. Take care, Robert
Здравствуйте. Я почему то не вижу графики на них замки, в Чем может быть дело? И в моем списки выигрышей не вся информация. В чем может быть проблема?
I don`t know how change the language to spanish from my homepage of pokerporlabs.

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Добрый день, как я могу поменять свой псевдоним или добавить новый на сайте?
This is very incorrect and it is not the way of doing business. You wrote this in small font and so many people may not see it. It's a bad idea, no normal person who will pay monthly at that price. Once there is: 1 Month: $ 19.99 6 Months: $ 59.99 (save $ 59.95) 12 Months: $ 89.99 (save $ 149.89) Who pays for a month for the first time, he does it to test the software and then can pay for more months. You write this: "You can cancel at any time." * Billing will continue automatically at the end of your selected term. You can cancel at any time. But I do not see where I can stop this automatic payment! I receive a message from Skrill (I have used their Mastercard in PayPal) that there is a payment attempt.
Hi, I tried to look somebody's results from 2011, but I don't see that option anymore? I can only see result untill 2013, is this true? Thanks in advance.
Как скрыть мою статистику?
donde veo que tipo de jugador soy, o ustedes me pueden decir?
hello. how can i hide urself on ur site?
How can I opt out?
I would like to know if there is a possibility to hide my stats from the other players ? If so you would be kind to advie and let me how ? Many thanks for your feed back, Looking forward to reading from you soon, Regards,
Guten Tag, ich möchte meine Öffentliche Statistik entfernen lassen. Wie mache ich das?
No deseo que se publique la informacion de mi perfil
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