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Top Shark Pro F.A.Q.

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How is the rank or rating calculated?
If I want my ranking and details hidden, is it possible to request that?
What is ROI and NOI, and what does it represent?
What is the difference between the letter and the number of stars? How can someone be an "A" and only have 2 stars? What does that mean?
What does the first letter or number before the stars mean under rating or rank?
What poker sites do you support?
How far back do Top Shark statistics and tournament histories go?
What exactly does it mean by late Early Finishes, Middle Finishes and Late Finishes?
I have noticed that sometimes tournaments results are missing for some of my matches. Is it possilbe to upload my logs to your website when I see one is missing?
What poker rooms does TopShark support?

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Could you tell me where i can find tournament I.d numbers on your site pls
как отменить подписку что бы по истечении срока она не продлевалась автоматически?
como recupero la contraseña ????
Hi, what means - near not logged in usage the TopShark Pro search - the Pro medal/award icon near the nickname of player in summary profile? Thank you
why I can't use ten free searches? topsharkpro
Hello, I am trying to adjust the size of the text in the HUD. Is it posible that when I reduce the table size in Pokerstars the text size of the HUD could be reduced too? Otherwise, when I am multitabling, the HUD text is too large. Thank you in advance.
I am curious how the star rating system works, and the red number before hand. how are these ratings calculated. Thanks.
HI. There is page called "vs opponents". I want to know if there numbers for me, or for my opponents? roi, $won, game # ext. I this is amount of money i have won, when player123 was playing with me, or this is amount of money player123 have won?
I have uploaded a picture how can i delete it? my pokerstars account has the name Wookie2612 and this foto with the girl and me has to be deleted.
hello. on April 8 at poker888 i played i tournament "deepstack 2000$ with buy-in 4$. as support of this room wrote me that " this tournament has since been completed and removed from the lobby" - Im adressing to you, why this tournament is not in the list. i dont see that i played it. i took 1st place and wanna see my result in my profile. my nickname at poker888 - MASTERminsk
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