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FAQ ID # 102
Last Update : 2010/11/17
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Question / Issue
This error: "Acessing the Poker Pro Lab services requires valid date and time settings. Please check your time zone and set your clock to synchronize with an Internt time server".

Answer / Solution

Please make sure your computer clock is in sync with the internet clock.

If you have Windows XP:

1. Click on the clock in the system tray

2. Click on the Internet Time tab

3. Check " Automatically.." and click Update

4. Try logging in again.

If you have Vista:

1. Click on the clock in the system tray

2. Click on Change date and time settings.

3. Check on the Internet Time Tab

4. Click Change settings

5. Check the Synchronize with an internet time server checkbox and click Update Now.

6. Click Ok to close all boxes and try logging in again.

If you have Windows 7
1.      Open Date and Time by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking Clock, Language, and Region, and then clicking Date and Time.

2.      Click the Internet Time tab, and then click Change settings. If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

3.      Select the check box next to Synchronize with an Internet time server, select a time server, and then click OK.

If you continue to have issues please email us at


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