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Last Update : 2018/02/06
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Question / Issue
This is very incorrect and it is not the way of doing business. You wrote this in small font and so many people may not see it. It's a bad idea, no normal person who will pay monthly at that price. Once there is: 1 Month: $ 19.99 6 Months: $ 59.99 (save $ 59.95) 12 Months: $ 89.99 (save $ 149.89) Who pays for a month for the first time, he does it to test the software and then can pay for more months. You write this: "You can cancel at any time." * Billing will continue automatically at the end of your selected term. You can cancel at any time. But I do not see where I can stop this automatic payment! I receive a message from Skrill (I have used their Mastercard in PayPal) that there is a payment attempt.

Answer / Solution

You can upgrade your existing Top Shark Pro Services Subscription, the current monthly subscription will be canceled automatically in this case. Moreover, your current balance will be taken into account when upgrading, so your first payment will be less than a regular price. You can upgrade your Top Shark Pro subscription here:

To cancel your subscription at any time, please email

Please note, you should cancel your Top Shark Pro (+Super HUD) subscription if you wish to change your plan to Tournament Shark only with unlimited daily searches. Your subscription would not be canceled automatically in this case because many customers prefer to use both Tournament Shark and Top Shark Pro plans simultaneously and have unlimited searches per day in the Tournament Shark application as well as Premium access to Top Shark Pro Services.

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