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Last Update : 2010/12/16
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Question / Issue
Explanation for the player type icons?

Answer / Solution
Fish = A player that is not very good, often playing lots of questionable hands  .

Shark = Good tight player with aggressive tendencies

Dice = Gambler

Rock = Very tight player

Telephone = A player that makes a lot of calls, difficult to get off a hand and will usually

choose to call vs. bet or raise.  

Tornado = Loose / Aggressive player. A player that bets or raises with lots of hands.

Elephant = Loose / Passive player. A player that stays in the pot with lots of hands.

Eagle = Tight/ Aggressive player. Usually a very good player that bets or raises with good hands.

Mouse = Tight/ Passive player. A player that calls with good hands vs. betting or raising with them.

Bomb = Wild player, plays in a crazy way.

Brick = Super Tight player. Only plays premium hands. When they bet, they most likely they have a good hand.

Money = Good Winning Player with loose tendencies.

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