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What poker rooms does TopShark support?
Hello, I would like to know, why i can"t add my account on Goalwin(ongame) MatejK992 into my linked pokerrooms. Can u please add my goalwin account for me? Thank u in advance, Matej Kalčič
How is the rank or rating calculated?
If I want my ranking and details hidden, is it possible to request that?
Explanation for the player type icons?
What is ROI and NOI, and what does it represent?
I can’t get Poker Calculator Pro to work with my poker site, what should I do?
What is the difference between the letter and the number of stars? How can someone be an "A" and only have 2 stars? What does that mean?
What do i need to do to try Hold'em Profiler?
What does the first letter or number before the stars mean under rating or rank?
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