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What poker rooms does TopShark support?
Hello, I would like to know, why i can"t add my account on Goalwin(ongame) MatejK992 into my linked pokerrooms. Can u please add my goalwin account for me? Thank u in advance, Matej Kalčič
Hello, I register here some day ago. I selected "Linked poker rooms" - "" and put my nickname "ajoliveira", the same at Pokerstars and appeared "player not founded, check name please"... It's all ok, my acount, my real nickname... Waiting for your feed-back! thank u, BR, Armando Oliveira
Hi, why is it not possible to add a WPN network/AmericasCardroom poker username in the linked poker rooms section? I would like to add two WPN usernames of mine: WeRnIS and ErnestTheBest Thanks.
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